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Hitik Saini

About me

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and more from Uttarakhand, India.

Hello World, I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Chandigarh University. I enjoy coding as well as designing, being consistent to my passion I've developed few web applications which you can find in the project section. I always push myself for exploring new and interesting things. Here's my one of the favourite quote from William Shakespeare : "We know what we are, but know not what we may be." Felt that positive vibe?
If not coding or designing you'll find me in the Gym or maybe in playground.
We can work together, follow me or fill up the form and let's get started.

Let's Work

What can I do

Help you with a Website
I 💙 to design
Grow your project idea
Python(No I won't solve your assignment😅)
SEO Optimisation for your website

29218+ lines of code

25+ projects

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills
Organizational skills

Awards & Achievements

Winner at Smart India Hackathon, 2020 Software edition.

Other Interests

Workings of the Universe
Playing Games
Sci-fi/comedy movies
Reading new facts
Staying fit/Gymming


Google IT Automation with Python
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing(Google)
Using Python to interact with OS by Google
Git and GitHub by Google
Web Development Bootcamp


The Projects shown below are sample of my work, which I have coded and designed by myself. I've linked the demo for the projects which are accessible now, few projects are in-progress therefore will be available ASAP, you can browse more mini projects over my GitHub Repositories.
If you want to work/upgrade in these projects, you can still fill up the form and get started. My aim is to build useful tools that helps the society for which I work hard, Everyday!

Krishak Sevak [SIH 2020]

Team Belisama was selected for this National level Hackathon, we aim to interpret Irrigation data of India and organise it in a best way possible. Currently this project is in progress, demo will be available ASAP.


Along with my fellow team members, our project is centered on the techniques of data analysis and visualization which reveals a detailed analysis of bribery and corruption in different departments.

JS Decoded

It is an all in one portal for JS coded web applications. This project aims to learn and explore about the language which powers the web "JAVASCRIPT". Goal is to make this webpage a handy tool for all the developers out there.

Blog Website

Start your Blog today! This project aims to build blog website for anyone, just follow the steps carefully as explained in my repository.

Resume Portfolio template

A resume ready template for anyone, all the necessary steps are clearly explained in the github repository. Fork it, and you're ready to go.

Log Analysis using Python

This Project aims for better Error handling, automation script processes the system log and generate reports based on the information extracted from the log files.